Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

Get paid every time you send us a customer!

With the newly added affiliate program, you can now promote and earn from customers you bring to BookOn scheduling platform.

Pay-Per-Sale for each transaction sale you deliver.

Unlimited commissions with a 30-day cookie.

A unique affiliate URL for tracking all of your sales.

A dashboard you can log in to 24/7 to check your earnings.

Affiliate Commission Structure


30% Recurring Commission

This compensation structure entails a recurring commission model rather than a singular payment. Upon successfully acquiring a customer, you are entitled to a 30% commission for the entire duration of the customer’s subscription to a plan. The frequency of your commission payments depends on the subscription term chosen by the customer. For those opting for a monthly plan, you will receive monthly commission payments. Conversely, customers selecting an annual plan will result in a higher commission paid once a year, and this payment will be recurrent on an annual basis.


Affiliate Program Application

Once approved you will be able to set up your password and login.

Please read the affiliate terms & conditions before applying.