Below are some of the FAQ (frequently asked questions). Feel free to get in touch if your question is not listed here.

No. You will signup as a free plan and have most of the features. You can upgrade later if you open new locations, add more services and/or staff.

BookOn provides to businesses from all around the world, an appointment scheduling system to help them organize clients’ bookings logically and efficiently. With our unlimited booking feature, you don’t need to worry about reaching your limits and get stuck feeling forced to upgrade to a paid plan. 


You can set extra services within the booking process, list a good amount of services and take payments before an appointment is fully booked. If you don’t feel to let your customer pay in full in advance, you can disable this feature or just ask for a deposit and reduce no-shows. You will be able to charge your customers by using PayPal, Stripe, Mollie and Square or they can pay in-store in any currency and send them automatic PDF invoices to their email address.


Why is this appointment scheduler online suited for all service businesses?


You can fully customize the booking form appearance with different colors to match your brand, reorder the booking steps, rename the fields and tag them as you wish. You can also add contact fields, eg: if you are a mobile service provider and you need the customer’s address, you can make it appear during the booking process. Or if you are a therapist or doctor and need extra info before being able to confirm an appointment, you can make the field appear. 


Reduce no-shows by sending your customers reminders about their online scheduling because let’s be honest, sometimes they simply forget. Our reminder feature is precise within few minutes and this time can be chosen by you. You can set to send a reminder 10-20-40-60 minutes or up to several hours or days and you can send reminders to your staff as well. Recurring appointments is another feature you will probably want to offer to your customers, and yes this is available for you to use. The same is valid for group appointments where you can choose and set the lower and upper limits of people you can take.


It is paramount to have your staff organized as well and we made it super easy for you. With our efficient appointment scheduler booking system you will be able to set breaks, days off, special days, holidays, etc. for every single staff. Staff scheduling has never been easier.


Another of the several features you will have in your free (forever) plan, is gift cards and coupons. Very easy to set up and even easier to make your customers happier. As a business owner, you will have your own dedicated reports page where you will be able to identify your profits, the most earning location, service, and staff. 


Sharing your booking links


It is very easy to set up your appointment scheduling software and once you spend few minutes setting it up, you are ready to let your customer use it.


There are few ways you can do this. Please check the integration page to see how to show your booking widget.


If for any reason you get stuck, remember we are here 24/7 for you. You can contact us anytime you wish. In the meantime, we got you covered with extensive but simple booking software documentation to help you in any way possible, and don’t forget to take a look at the booking features we have. 

BookOn strives to make the booking system process for customers as easy and straight forward as possible and we also strive to make it easy for business who wish to use BookOn. 

Customers will only need to click and select the right service with the preferred staff and with our appointment scheduling system you can also select and manage staff with ease by giving (or not) priority to the least booked. 

We offer all features, even for the free plan. This is why BookOn is the best online appointment booking software system. We set up a sample booking demo page to give you an example of what your customers will see when they are booking with you. Of course you can customize your online scheduling widget and you will able to set different templates to present the form to your customers in a professional way.

With BookOn scheduling, you have full powers in customization that allows you to craft your booking widget to match and blend with your business. BookOn appointment booking system, is very suitable for almost any businesses of all sizes. Our appointment scheduler software is mainly used by many types of businesses such as beauty & wellness, health & medical, professional services including a variety of different industries.

If you are a mobile business with an easy tweak, you can add in your booking form the address field for you to grab making it required to fill. With this feature you can expand your services very easily, and to make sure the appointment is valid, remember you are able to take online payments, either in full or partial.

Is a fact that appointments booking online are able to improve profitability by tenfold as you will be able to spend less time on the phone or emails with customers who are undecided on when to book. By using our scheduling system app, you can focus on what’s really matter and put your business on autopilot.

With BookOn you can take your automated appointment scheduled booking up to one year in advance, online and absolutely for free while cutting this time lost on the phone and a wide array of infos to help & support your business, are available for you.

Our free online appointment scheduling is really free if you have 1 location with fewer staff and services, so there is no catch. We understand how hard is sometimes to keep up with business expenses and because this we decided to help out by giving you the possibility to take unlimited appointment bookings without paying extra.

Yes. We offer 2-way synchronization with Google Calendar as part of our custom features. You can also syncronize Google calendar with Outlook calendar and Outlook busy slots will be in sync with Google calendar.

Yes, with our online booking scheduler software you can accept Stripe, PayPal, Mollie and Square. You can set to get paid in full or can ask for a deposits in advance at the time of the booking process.

Of course, you can change your plan, upgrade or downgrade anytime you wish with a single click. If you downgrade, your settings will still be there (hidden) but they will come up once you upgrade again.

Our appointment scheduling software booking system is very easy to set up and use. You only need to follow the guided steps, set up will take only a few minutes, and once set, you are done. If you are stuck, we are here for you to help at no extra cost.

Yes! You can integrate the booking module directly on your website. From you admin panel, click “Share your Page” and a window will pop up. Grab the iFrame code and place it on your website. Everytime you make changes, eg: staff rosters, holidays, pricing etc, it will be automatically updated on your website. You can test-drive our demo booking form. Feel free to make a test booking. Don’t worry, once you booked and confirmed, nothing will happen but you get to see the process with the email notifications including reminders. Easy!

You can also use the provided booking link which when linked to a button your website, eg: “Book Now”, a clean booking module page on a new window. You can also use the provided QR code if you want to display outside your shop to make walking customers book online outside before they get inside. This QR will open the booking module page in a clean and professional way on their phone.

We offer free and included, progressive web apps (PWA). You can see the symbol to download on your browser and on your mobile phone or tablet. Download the scheduling app and login as usual to check, add, edit your dashboard on the go.

That’s easy. With the “user role manager” available on eco, started and pro plans, you can decide what to show on your staff dashboard and what you allow them to perform.

Bookon supports unlimited staff (for the pro plan) for you to manage. Staff scheduling is not easy to manage and you as a business owner, have the included tools to manage and assign different types of permissions to each staff. You can schedule your staff and organize rosters to streamline your business operations in a more efficient way.

Yes. We can make a custom plan just for you. Let us know what features you need, how many SMS you need per month, and we will work out a great deal for you.