Features to Optimize your schedulings with Powerful & free premium tools.


Unlimited bookings

Never worry again about reaching your booking quota. With BookOn you have unlimited bookings.

reorder booking steps

Reorder booking steps

BookOn booking form allows you to reorder or hide steps easily according to your business requirements.


Zoom integration

With the help of the Zoom integration, you can plan meetings with your clients directly on Zoom.


Visual translation module

With our Visual translator module, you can easily translate the booking panel into the language you want. 

group bookings

Group appointments

With BookOn booking system, it is now effortless to set up group appointments and set participants lower and upper limits.

google calendar

Google calendar sync

Integrate and sync live your bookings with Google and Outlook calendar.


Extra services

BookOn booking system has a great feature that will allow you to offer extra services and upsells while booking in advance.

online payments

Online payments

With BookOn, you can integrate the world’s most popular payment systems into your appointment booking system such as PayPal, Stripe, Mollie and Square.


PWA (Progressive Web App)

With BookOn Web App, you can sign-in and manage your appointments on the go. Simply install from your your browser.


Insightful dashboard

BookOn’s dashboard is both insightful and user-friendly and you can easily do all the operations making it convenient for the user.



Taxes may differ from country to country. You can easily add or include multiple custom taxes and booking fees to your service total cost.

recurring appointments

Recurring appointments

Depending on the services you offer, you can offer your customers the chance to make an appointment for one time or multiple days.

gift cards

Coupons & gift-cards

You can create and manage coupons and/or gift cards and present them to your customers in a limited or unlimited way through BookOn. 

bring people with you

Bring people with you

BookOn is a system with group appointments feature where more than one customer can join for the same timeslot.

progressive web app

Customizable booking widget

BookOn appointment booking offers a wide selection of color choices for your business to match your website.


Import/Export Customer's Data

You can import and export locations, appointments and customer data with all the relevant standard and additional informations you request.

days off-breaks

Breaks, days off, special days, etc

With this feature, you can set lunch breaks, certain hours of the day or certain days of the week as a non-working time or holidays not to get bookings.

multi booking feature

Multiple templates

With the BookOn plugin, you can design your front-end booking panel to suit your business colors in any way you like. 


Reminders Workflow

As a service provider, you need your clients to remember their appointments. Send email reminders at specific time.


Deposit payments

Deposits are a way to help curtail no-shows and last-minute cancellations. Secure partial payment for services in advance.

responsive design

Fully Responsive design

BookOn Appointment Booking keeps the quality of your customer experience at the highest level with its responsive interface.


Multi-level categories

BookOn’s dashboard is both insightful and user-friendly and you can easily do all the operations making it convenient for the user.


Manageable calendar

With an up-to-date drag & drop interface and informative calendar, you can see your employees’ employment schedule. 



With BookOn Appointment System, you will have a chance to send invoices about your services in PDF format automatically.


Full Reports

Is now be easier to analyze your business with the help of the reports feature and make a more detailed analysis with the 4 charts.


Waiting List

You can enable the Waiting List option in your admin dashboard to let customers book for an already booked timeslot. 

customer panel

Embed the scheduler into your website

Integrate your tailored booking scheduler widget directly into your website with a provided line of code. 


Custom Duration

Custom Duration feature allows you to add multiple durations for each service and set specific prices for each duration with the possibility to offer discounts if customers chose extra time.

booking link

Payment Links

With BookOn scheduling you can create and send automated payment links to your customers using PayPal, Stripe, Mollie and Square.

tailored form builder

Tailored form builder

Ask your clients to fill special fields, add an address, or upload documents before coming to the appointment. 

custom forms

Custom Forms

Tailor your business’s custom fields with the versatile Form Builder designed for your Front-end booking panel.

customer panel

Customer Panel

Enable customers to take charge of their appointments, viewing booking history, payment records, and pending appointments.

More FREE features coming soon

Paid Plan

All the above features included, plus…

role manager

Role Manager
(Eco, Starter & Pro Plan)

You can decide which item on the dashboard should be avilable or restricted to the staff to see and/or edit.


Multi Location
(Starter & Pro Plan)

If you operate from different outlets or locations, you can set up multiple locations. The pro plan will give you unlimited locations.

sms notifications

SMS Notifications
(Starter & Pro Plan)

With the pro plan you can send SMS about the confirmation and upcoming booking to your customers, yourself and your staff.

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