Free Appointment Scheduling Software For Liposuction Clinics

Grow your business like a pro with our liposuction clinics scheduling software.

Appointment Scheduling Software For Liposuction Clinics

Easy to setup

Optimize your scheduling and streamline your event or services with BookOn in just a few clicks.

Easy to share

Utilize your unique link or embed the brandable booking widget on your website using a simple line of code. 

Easy to book

Your customers will love the simplicity of booking with you in just a few easy steps.

Schedule Like A Pro

BookOn is a free appointment scheduling software for liposuction clinics who want to enable full automation and simplify the booking process making it easy for customers to book your services online 24/7.  

A powerful, all-in-one liposuction clinics Booking Software to make you schedule appointments with ease

Simplify & secure your customer’s appointments by managing your online scheduling availability effectively while you focus on your clients.

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Simplified Scheduling For liposuction clinics

Experience the convenience of streamlined scheduling with our innovative appointment scheduling booking system for liposuction clinics today.

Effortless & simple scheduling

Enhances overall efficiency.

✔️ Take unlimited bookings 24/7

✔️ Save time & money

✔️ Easy reservation & schedule management

✔️ Increase sales

✔️ Import/Export data

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online booking customer data

Simplify everything for you and your customers

Achieve 10X increase in customer satisfaction and productivity.

✔️ Take local & online payments

✔️ Eliminate back-and-forth emails

✔️ Customize your booking widget to match your brand

Some of the included Features

custom forms

Custom Forms

Enhance your booking panel’s front-end by customizing it with a range of features: enable file uploads, collect customer addresses, add checkboxes, time fields, social media account details, and numerous other customizable fields to cater to your specific needs.

Responsive design

BookOn appointment scheduling software for liposuction clinics is optimized for all screen sizes and browsers, ensuring seamless browsing and navigation for your customers across various devices. This design enables effortless exploration of the services you offer, enhancing user experience and accessibility.

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custom fields

Terms Customization​

Leverage the “Visual Module” feature to personalize various aspects: modify name field labels, tailor booking widget backgrounds, fonts, steps, and more to suit your preferences and brand requirements. This inclusive feature grants you extensive customization options for a tailored booking experience.

Reorder Booking Steps​

Tailor your booking process effortlessly by rearranging fields as desired — simply move them up or down. Additionally, activate or deactivate fields according to your specific requirements, ensuring a customized booking experience that perfectly aligns with your needs.

reorder booking steps
waiting list

Waiting list

Activate the waiting list option via your admin dashboard, allowing customers to book already reserved timeslots. Should the requested slot open up, the reservation becomes available for the customer, ensuring a flexible and efficient booking process.

Allow Customers to Manage Bookings

Enable customers to take charge of their liposuction appointments, viewing booking history, payment records, and pending appointments through a personalized customer account. Maintain complete control over customer profile options, ensuring a tailored and efficient experience.

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BookOn Online Scheduling will help you with

email reminders for online bookings

Appointments reminders

Appointment reminders improve customer engagement by sending timely notifications via email or SMS. They reduce no-shows by prompting clients about upcoming appointments, allowing rescheduling if needed. These reminders enhance customer satisfaction, increase attendance rates, and streamline operational efficiency for service-based businesses.

Take full payments or deposits

Enabling full payments or deposits during booking ensures commitment and minimizes no-shows. It secures revenue upfront, reducing financial risks. Flexible payment options, such as partial deposits or full pre-payments, optimize cash flow and guarantee reservations. With BookOn, you can integrate the world’s most popular payment systems such as PayPal, Stripe, Mollie and Square into your appointment booking system.

Online payment
add extra

Add "extras"

Additional upsells will enhance revenue streams by offering premium services, add-ons, or upgrades during the booking process. These can include products, exclusive amenities, or bundled packages, enticing customers to opt for higher-value offerings and boosting overall sales while improving the customer experience.

Multi location management

The multi-location management feature in the appointment scheduling for liposuction clinics streamlines bookings, resource allocation, and staff scheduling across diverse sites. It ensures real-time availability synchronization, customized settings for each location, and comprehensive reporting, offering a unified solution for efficient coordination and control across multiple branches or sites.

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What People Are Saying

“BookOn scheduling has transformed the way I manage appointments for my business. Its intuitive interface makes scheduling a breeze, and the automated reminders have significantly reduced no-shows. I highly recommend BookOn appointment scheduling to any business looking for an efficient scheduling solution.” 

– Mark S. Gym Owner


“BookOn scheduling has truly simplified my life as a busy professional. With its user-friendly interface and seamless integration of personal and business calendars, I can effortlessly manage my appointments with ease. I highly recommend BookOn to anyone looking for a reliable and efficient scheduling solution.” 

– Sarah L. Consultant


“BookOn scheduling has been a game-changer for my small business. BookOn exceeded my expectations with its easy-to-use interface and robust features. From sending automated reminders to managing both personal, it has saved me countless hours of administrative work. I can’t imagine running my business without it!” 

– Alex R. Business Coach


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