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Invoices Quick Setup

With BookOn scheduling, you can send personalized PDF invoices to your customers automatically once the customer pays online or in store.

Click on Invoices and GIVE IT A NAME.

Now you can craft the invoice and use the keywords provided. The keywords will play a crucial role in the email format and personalized booking and customer informations.

You can format this invoice in any way you want but below we want to show a simple email body sample.

FROM: {company_name}

TO: {customer_first_name}

Service: {service_name}

Date: {appointment_date} at {appointment_start_time} with {staff_name}.

Payment method: {appointment_payment_method}

TOTAL AMOUNT PAID: {appointment_paid_price}

You can add way more keywords and make it really yours.

Everything between { } are informations regarding everything related to your customer data, booking, prices, services etc and everything will be automated. You only need to click on “keywords” and add the one you want.


If the customer pays online using Stripe or PayPal, the invoice will be sent automatically to your customer.

If the customer choose “Local” payments, then the moment you mark the service as “PAID”, the system will send this email invoice automatically.

Is important to set up a specific “workflow” for invoices to be sent when paid. called “APPOINTMENT PAID”. In this workflow you can craft the email as usual, set to be sent to the customer email (during booking they already typed their email and is in your system).

Then write the email “Subject” and few words in the email “body”

Scroll down and CLICK on “ATTACHMENT”. The invoice you just named, will pop up. Click, on it and SAVE.