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Translation Settings

Accessing Translation Settings:

  1. Navigating to Settings:
    • Go to the ‘Settings’ section in the back-end of BookOn.
  2. Front-end Panels Section:
    • Within Settings, enter the ‘Front-end panels’ section.
  3. Selecting Labels:
    • Choose ‘Labels’ to access the elements available for translation.
      Click “Front-end panels”
      Click “Labels”
      Click this dropdown.
      Click “TRANSLATE”

Initiating the Translation Settings Process:

  1. Language Selection:
    • Locate the language selection list to choose the desired language for translation.
    • Select the required language from the list and click the ‘Translate’ button.

Translating Labels:

  1. Identifying Translatable Labels:
    • Hover your mouse over the label you wish to translate. A pen icon will appear next to the label, indicating it is available for translation.
  2. Editing Labels:
    • Click on the pen icon to start editing and translating the label.
  3. Saving Changes:
    • After translating each label, ensure to save the changes to apply the translations.

Comprehensive Translation Capability:

  • In BookOn, all text strings are designed to be translatable, providing a versatile and user-friendly experience for a global audience.

Process for Translating Text Strings:

  1. Identifying Translatable Texts:
    • Throughout the BookOn booking system, look for a globe icon next to text strings. This icon signifies that the text is available for translation.
  2. Initiating Translation:
    • Click on the globe icon next to the text string you wish to translate.
  3. Performing the Translation:
    • After clicking the icon, enter the translation for the selected text string into the provided field.
  4. Multi-language Support:
    • You have the option to translate each text string into as many languages as needed, catering to a diverse customer audience.