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Waiting List

BookOn waiting list feature gives you more flexibility and efficiency over your booking calendar.

It is not always possible to create an active reservation for the customer’s desired date and time and customers cannot find their preferred timeslot as free at all times if the timeslot is full, or the customer’s preferred timeslot is not available at the time the customer wishes to book online.

The same circumstances may prevent you from immediately making adjustments to an active reservation in response to a customer’s request.

Now is possible to enable the “Waiting List” option in your BookOn admin dashboard to let customers book for an already booked timeslot.

To send the booking confirmation email to the waiting customer you need to set up a new “workflow”.

For this go to “Workflow” and create a new one.

Name it and select from the drop down menu “Timeslot is available”

Compose the email and save.

If the requested timeslot becomes available for the requested date and time (either canceled by you or the customer), the reservation might be accepted by you, and once accepted the customer receives a booking email confirmation with a payment link (if set by you) to let the customer pay before the appointment begins.