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Booking Widget

Once everything is set, you can start to share your booking widget to take bookings, you can head to the “Share your page” section”.

Once you open it, you will find:

  1. Your booking link.
  2. A QR code
  3. iFrame code snippet

Booking Link

The booking link has your “url” chosen by you in it and you can share this link directly. In this case, your customers will be directed to a plain page like like this demo booking page.

You can also “pair” this link to a button you create on your website and make it look like this:

QR Code

You can download and print your QR code and place in marketing materials for customers to be able to book with their phone. In this case, once your customer point their phone on the QR code they will be redirected to your plain booking page (same as the booking link).

QR demo

You can try yourself with your phone to see first hand.

IFrame Code Snippet

With the iframe code snippet, you can embed your booking widget directly on your website like the “booking demo” page, and you can also modify colours and fonts to blend it with your website.

Your webmaster will be able to do it in no time but if you want to try to do yourself, you can do it easily.

On your website find the </> symbol and paste in the page section where you want the booking form to appear.

Copy and paste your iFrame code.

Save and publish.

On the “Share your page section” you will also find the “Customer Panel URL”

This URL is yours and you can share it with your customers only if you want them to sign up before they are able to see your booking panel and book with you.

To activate this function, refer to Settings > General Settings and turn ON “Only registered users can book”