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Flexible Timeslots

Use your time more efficiently with flexible timeslots

To enhance the efficiency of your booking service, we are excited to introduce flexible timeslots. Gone are the days of being limited to rigid hourly intervals. With our new feature, you can now offer your customers a range of customizable time options, ensuring optimal utilization of their valuable time.

Maximizing efficiency and optimizing scheduling is crucial for any booking service. Let’s consider a scenario: your service operates on hourly time slots, like 8:00 – 9:00, 10:00 – 11:00, and so forth.

However, you also offer a quick 15 minutes service. Traditionally, if this service is booked at 10:30, the entire hour until 11:00 would be marked as unavailable for other bookings. Enter “Flexible timeslots” a game changer in scheduling dynamics.

With “Flexible Timeslots,” your scheduling system intelligently adjusts to accommodate shorter services without unnecessarily blocking off entire hours.

Picture this: when a client schedules the 10-minute service at 10:30, instead of the next available slot starting at 11:00, it seamlessly shifts to 10:40. This small but powerful tweak revolutionizes your time management. By freeing up those 50 unused minutes, you unlock the potential to cater to additional clients or optimize existing services, ultimately maximizing your business’s productivity and revenue streams.

You can turn ON or OFF “Flexible Timeslots” in Settings > General Settings and select “Enabled” or “Disabled”.