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With BookOn booking software, all of your customers data is stored in the archive format. This is because you don’t lose old customers. You can export your customers’ data to an excel file whenever you want, or you can enter your new customers to service from the CSV file with the import function.

If you want to add a new customer, you can access the Customers menu and click the ADD NEW button.

You can add a short note in the opened window by mentioning the name, surname, email, phone number of customers, selecting a profile picture, gender, and date of birth.

Then you will be able to add to the customer base by clicking on the ADD CUSTOMER button. With a functional and searchable toolbar, you can search the name, surname, phone number, and email of your customer. You can sort a list through the ASC or DESC in the column you want.

By using the “Allow to login” feature, your customers will be able to manage their own appointments. (about this later)

If you want to delete any customer, go to the options in front of it and click on the Delete button.
If you want to amend customers’ data, go to the options in front of it and click the Edit button.
You can also delete customers collectively.

Customer registration

To create username and password for your customers, you will need to quickly set it on e-mail Notifications workflow.

When you enable the Access to Customer Panel section, this section will work for sending Username and Password to your Customers. If you try on New Appointment notification action or other notifications it will not work. For customers, the random password is sent only when the “Access to Customer Panel” notification action is used. Because only in this case, a random password will be generated and sent to the customer. In the following cases, this password cannot be sent because it is encrypted in the database.

Once they log in to their account with the password that is automatically generated by the system, they can change their password.