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With BookOn Booking Software you can create your own services with multi-level service categories. With the perfect structured view, you can easily categorize your business services. The service module has been created by using the latest design and technology for your convenience.

You can get an image convenient for you by pushing the service structure to every direction as a map with a mouse. You can also increase and decrease zoom on the map. If you have lost the center of the map, you can click the button, and you can automatically pull the map to the center.

Let’s go services to enter. At first, you have to create your first category because any category isn’t on your system. To do this, click on the “+” icon in front of Categories in the middle of the screen. Enter the name of the category in the element adding below and click on the Save icon. Here is your first category.

If you want to add a second category in parallel, then enter and save the category’s name by clicking on the “+” button in front of the same Categories. You can repeat this process as many times as you need. There is no limit to the number of categories and services.

If you want to add the subcategory of Category 1, click on the “+” icon opposite it. In the pop up it will be asked if you want to add a Category or Service. Select Category option. Save by entering the name of the sub-category.

If you want to add a service to the subcategory you add to, you click on the + icon and select to add a pop-up service.

To add a service, a new modal will open:

There are 4 steps to add a service:


First of all, you need to fill main information in this line in the Service Details tab.

Service Image: add an image for service. During Front-end booking, your customers will see your image.

Name: put your service’s name in the Name square.

Category: no need to make any changes here.

Price: write service’s price. It would help if you wrote there the only price, no need to put currency. For example $50.00

Duration: you need to write your service duration. The options here appear by the Time slot length which you designate in your General Settings. If you have chosen a time slot length of 10 minutes, options will appear with a 10-minute increase. 10min, 20min, 30min, 40min etc.

Buffer time before: If you need some additional time before starting service, you need to set this here.
Same as duration, options in here also will appear according to the General setting Time slot length.

Buffer time after: If you need some additional time after finishing service, you need to set this here.
Same as duration, options in here also will appear according to the General setting Time slot length.

Recurring: If you want to add recurring services, you have to activate this option.

What is a Recurring service? Some services start and end at certain hours. For example, you have an appointment with an eye doctor. During 1 hour doctor will check your eye and finish. This service type is non-recurring. But there is also another service type in which, after certain intervals, service use is often required. For example, an eye doctor gives you 10 days of treatment. Which, during these 10 days, patients need to go to a doctor’s appointments for 1 hour. This kind of service is a recurring service. If in your business you also have a recurring service, then this option is suitable for you. After activating this option, there will appear some options for recurring services.

Repeat: You can select repeat type of service here. There’re 3 types of choices:

  • Monthly
  • Weekly
  • Daily

Monthly Recurring service: If your service is repeated on certain days of the month, you can choose the Monthly option. For example, if it’s repeated 1st, 2nd, 3rd of every month. Either you’ll be able to select like the first Sunday, the last Wednesday, the third Friday of every month.

Weekly Recurring services: If your service is repeated for certain days of the week, select this option. For example, it can be repeated on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th of every week.

Daily Recurring services: If your service is repeated every day or in N day, you should select this Daily option. For example, your service should be repeated in 2 days.

When you create a service, you can choose only its type in this option. Customers will choose their services will be available on which days of the week or if service’s repeated monthly, it will be repeated in which days of the month, or if it’s a Daily recurring service, it will be repeated in a few days. For example, customers will want to benefit on the 2nd and 5th days of the week from your service. Another customer may also want to benefit on the 1st and 4th days of the week from service. If the dates that the customer selects aren’t available in the timesheet, the system will not accept those days.

Fixed full period: If you choose, you can limit the full period of repeated service. For example, we have mentioned above that the treatment sample will take 10 days. In this case, we act this option and select 10 days in the opening area. There are options for the month, week, and time (s) besides the day option in this area. If you do not activate this option, the customer will specify how long the service will last when booking. 
Fixed Frequency: With this solution, you can set the frequency of repetition. If you add the Monthly recurring service and select 5 days in a month by activating this option, your customer will select 5 days in a month when booking.
Or if you add a Weekly recurring service and write 3 days in a week at Fixed Frequency, then customers will be able to select only 3 days of the week when booking. When you disable this option, you will have no limits for customers.
Payment: With this option, you will appoint how your recurring services will be paid when your customers’ book. There are 2 options:

  • Customers should pay only for the 1st appointment.
  • Customers must pay for all appointments in the series.

If it’s enough to pay only the first appointment when making an online booking, select the 1st option. A customer has to pay for all appointments online when making a recurring appointment and select 2nd option.

Capacity: With this option, you can determine whether your customers will subscribe to this service individually or in a group. If they have to be written individually, select Alone in this option. Otherwise, you can select the Group option and appoint that minimum, and the maximum number of customers will be written simultaneously.
Note: You can enter a brief description of the service. This information will have seemed to the customer in Front-End booking.

In the STAFF tab, you can add staff who work in this service. Just click on Add staff button, select the staff. If the current service will be a specific price for the staff you choose, then activate the “Specific price” checkbox and enter to section what is a special price to Staff.

In the TIMESHEET tab, you can set up a special timesheet for your service. By default, the timesheet you set in Settings> Business hours will appear here. If you need specific timesheets for this service, you must first activate the “Configure specific timesheet” checkbox.

There are SPECIAL DAYS submenu in the current tab. If the timesheet of your service will be different for any special days, you can exclude it from this submenu. Just click on Add special day button and select the date, hours of starting and ending.

In the EXTRAS tab, you can add items for your service.

In the SETTING tab, you can make that service visible to the public or staff and/or select a specific payment method.

Please select the image of Extra, enter its name and price.
There may be some extras that can be set on duration. When the current select extra, extra duration will be added in the general duration of the appointment.

There may be some extras that are sold without duration. In this case, keep the duration empty. You will choose the maximum how many pieces the customer will book in time to the Max quantity section.

After completing all the content, you can click on the ADD SERVICE button and add the service