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BookOn Appointment Booking Software supports a multi-locations feature. If your business is located simultaneously in several locations, you can combine your points on a system by adding each separately. You can accept separate reservations for each place. You can add staff for locations, compare your locations and create a rating program to create competition among them.

Just click the ADD LOCATION button to add a new location. Type in the location address and pin the location on the map.

Within the BookOn scheduling system, a notable functionality is the interactive map available on the “locations” page. This map allows users to precisely designate your exact location by placing a pin.

When incorporating the “keyword” “Location Google Maps URL” into your workflow emails/SMS, your clients will receive a booking confirmation (or reminder) email containing a clickable directions link for Google maps. This link seamlessly connects them with Google Maps, facilitating easy navigation to your specified location.

The “Location Name” serves as a customizable label for the location you designate, visible exclusively in the booking widget when the “locations” feature is activated. Should your business exclusively operate with online appointments or be on-demand, you have the option to deactivate this feature. Access this setting by navigating to Settings > Front-end Panel > Booking Steps.

You can also Enable, Disable (Hide) or Delete a Location.

Enable, Disable (Hide) or Delete a Location

To manage a location in BookOn, first check the checkbox next to the relevant location. Upon doing this, a bottom banner will appear, presenting options to enable, disable, or delete the selected location(s). Choose the desired action and then click the ‘apply’ button to execute.