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Multi Level Categories

Multi-level categories of the Booking System feature give its users the chance to request appointments from different employees who provide different services.

Service category analysis provides deep insights into customer experiences, emerging trends in the market, information about competitors and their marketing activities – these will enable you to make timely business decisions that will lead you ahead of your competitors.

Competitor analysis and customer experience analysis form part of product category analysis. As a whole, it offers brand managers and chief customer insights managers a deep understanding of what is unique and special about your brand and how your brand should be positioned in the marketplace to deliver maximum growth and profitability.

Dividing the Booking System into Multi-level categories can sound complex, but…

Let’s say you are a local clinic owner. Many different doctors offer different services in your clinic. While some of these offer the same services, some services are completely different from others. Or these staffs demand different prices for the same services. Or they offer services in different categories. It should be complicated to create a system for users who want to make an appointment in such a situation. It isn’t very easy to imagine. But BookOn has a feature that allows you to overcome all these problems easily.

How to set up Multi-level categories?

Thanks to the multi-level categories feature, you can collect the services provided by team members under different headings. After determining the services included in each category, you select the team members who will offer these services.

Your customers know which categories they will request an appointment from after selecting the staff members to whom they will receive service. In this way, you can reduce the complexity of your process most simply by considering different staff members serving a wide range of services.