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As a service provider, you need your clients to remember their appointments. Missed appointments cost you time and money and turn an organized, fully booked day into an unproductive nightmare. It will always be beneficial for you to inform and remind your customers about the appointment in advance.

You can use the Reminders feature for your E-mail notifications to inform your customers in advance using BookOn booking software.

The most common reason for missed appointments is that the client forgets the appointment time. Aside from the inconvenience, these represent several lost opportunities. 

A reminder in the form of a simple email at at time set by you (eg: 1-2 hours before) can dramatically reduce these lost opportunities by as much as 95%. Therefore, if you have an opportunity to inform your customers in advance, do so immediately.

Decrease your waiting time

With automated reminder notifications, you can inform your customers about the appointment before and after. Your customer will be reminded of the right to change the appointment time or cancel his appointment with this reminder.

Welcome Clients

In some cases, your clients may be busy, which may cause them to forget their appointment time. By automating communication and allowing clients to respond at their convenience, you can dramatically improve response rates.

Long-term clients may be embarrassed by missing an appointment, so a gentle reminder makes it easier to keep appointments.

For example, we want to set an email reminder 15 minutes before the appointment start time. To do that first we create a workflow.


Click on Create Workflow and select “Booking starts” and select the action which is “Send Email”.

We name the workflow. The workflow name will be visible to you only.

Click on “Create New Workflow” and a page will pop up to configure the workflow. In this case we are setting up a reminder 15 minutes before the appointment starts.

Edit “When” and and set up as you wish in this case “Before” 15 minutes. It can be hours or days before the start of the appointment.


Next click on “setup email” and a new page will pop up.

Select “customer”, write the email subject and the body as you wish. Keywords will help you to sync times, dates, names and embed the terms in the email body.

For example the customer is Jane then you use the appropriat tags as “customer first name”

Click on the “tag” you want to use and keep building the email body

reminder email

You have a huge amount of tags to use available.

You can save and set another email workflow to be also sent to the staff by selecting “Staff” on the “To” field.

If you wish to send another email after the appointment to have a feedback or ask for a review with your review link in it, you can do the same but in this case select “Booking Ends”.

The system will know the appointment duration and if for example the appointment finishes at 4 PM and you select to send an email 15 minutes after “Booking ends” then the customer will get an email at 4:15 PM.

That’s it!